Dear Edwin,

I have not been able to reply to your lovely e-mail message until now.  I was free on Monday to be with friends who had come from London and Scotland.

Since my return to work yesterday, my colleagues have been streaming one after the other into my office to thank me for the party – and each one full of compliments for YOU!

In between these visits, e-mail messages of thanks are popping up on my screen – each one full of compliments for YOU!

One friend wrote “There was only one thing I didn’t like about your party, and that was when the DJ said goodnight!”.

You may expect many e-mails of thanks from my friends.

We will be talking about that unforgettable night for years to come and because of YOU.  I have told everyone that I was only able to relax and enjoy myself because I followed your good advice – to trust you.  How right and wise you were.

Dear Edwin, how can I find enough words to thank you properly for making my 50th birthday party such a success.  Everyone is still “dancing in their heads”. I have a feeling that you’ll be seeing us all again soon – so I hope you are not completely booked up!

I will be in touch again to send you some photos. For now, I simply send you a quote from one of the many messages of thanks:  “PS.:  The DJ was a Rock Star….a real professional!”

With thanks from the bottom of my heart,